Rory O’More – Recipe from the ‘Old Waldorf Bar Guide’

After an early Irish patriot, the hero of legends in which many a barman was well grounded. 

Dash of Angostura Bitters 

One-half Irish Whiskey 

One-half Italian Vermuth 

Stir; strain

Rory O’More is not the most uncommon name in Irish History, and I was a little puzzled as to what all the fuss was about after reading about an earlier gentleman. He was the second son of an Irish Lord, who after his father lost all his land passed away. Not exactly Braveheart.

Then I found a later Rory O’Moore (curiously sometimes spelt Roger O’Moore) who was the giant colloquial thorn in England’s side for many years, leading failed rebellion after failed rebellion until he, and all of Ireland was crushed under Oliver Cromwell. His fame is grown around his intellect and inability to ever actually give up, while most of the time trying to achieve independence from the crown through peaceful means. He even managed to escape before old age caught up with him at a ripe old 53 (life expectancy was a little lower in the 1600’s).

I like the drink, it’s a Manhattan variant, so easy to like, and drink. Irish whiskey to me always tastes a lot more like Bourbon due to the way they make it, it always ends up slightly sweeter and smoother than scotch, so works very well in this style of drink.

I’d like to think this would be what 007 would drink if he found himself in Ireland, but I think we all know is actual drink would literally be whatever’s closest.