Red Lion – David Embury

½ part Grand Marnier

½ part Grenadine

2 parts Lime Juice

8 parts Gin

Shake vigorously with cracked ice

We’ve upped our training program here at Goat this year, and now have a session every Thursday afternoon with the staff on a topic tied in with the cocktail class in the evening, and today was on Gin. Diageo have a great range of Gin, Gordons brand pink gin, Gordons, Tanqueray and the star of the range, Tanqueray 10. The alcohol % changes across the range, Gordons at 37.5%, Tanqueray at 43.1% and Tanqueray 10 at 47.3%. it was interesting seeing how the spirits intensify in flavour and aroma as you increase the %, Tanqueray 10 truly is a fantastic spirit.

I’d also arranged for an antipodean care package to arrive today, and the place was filled with crisps, chocolate and beer from NZ, this and the gin class helped me pick my drink for today. Sitting down chatting to Martin from Lovedrinks after the class I came across this gin based drink, and was reminded of the iconic kiwi beer adverts from the 90’s for lion red (its red like a fire engine and its got a little lion on it), how could I not try this.

It’s a classic Embury sour, and I used the Tanqueray 10 for it. The 8-2-1 recipe normally produces a stronger, sourer drink, but the Tanqueray 10 despite its high % didn’t overpower the drink at all, and marries beautifully in this drink. The drink isn’t spectacular, more of a session/work horse drink, something everyone could easily quaff without it being especially memorable.