Cocktail 365 Blog

In 2018 as a New Year’s resolution I will be trying a different classic cocktail every day for a year.

This blog will be that journey, and will be a combination of cocktail recipes, photos and a drinking journal for 2018. for more information please visit the Intro post.

We hope you enjoy joining us on this cocktail crawl as much as we plan on enjoying it

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05 Feb03-02-2018 Manana

the following is the original formula as given to me by Herb Smith of the Spanish Room in the Deshler-Wallick Hotel…

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04 Feb02-02-2018 Knight

Knight – David Embury ½ part Cointreau ½ part Green Chartreuse 2 parts Lemon Juice 8 parts Brandy Shake with cracked…

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02 Feb01-02-2018 Red Lion

Red Lion – David Embury ½ part Grand Marnier ½ part Grenadine 2 parts Lime Juice 8 parts Gin Shake vigorously…

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01 Feb31-01-2018 Brandy Alexander

Alexander – David Embury 1 part sweet cream 1 part crème de cacao 4 parts gin Shake with cracked ice, The…

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31 Jan30-01-2018 Ampersand

Ampersand – Old Waldorf Bar Days Two dashes Orange Bitters One-third Brandy One-third Tom Gin One-third Italian Vermuth Stir; strain; two…

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29 Jan29-01-2018 White Lady

White Lady 1 part Cointreau or triple sec 2 parts lemon juice 8 parts Gin 1 egg white to each 2…

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29 Jan28-01-2018 Vodka Martini

Vodka Martini – Dukes Remove a martini from the freezer, splash vermouth inside, roll it around the inside of the glass…

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28 Jan27-01-2018 Soul Kiss

Soul Kiss – Old Waldorf Bar Days After a musical comedy of that name, which, because of its appellation, stirred up…

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28 Jan26-01-2018 Netherland

Netherland – Old Waldorf Bar Days Possibly invented at the Hotel Netherland, a contemporary of the old Waldorf Dash of Orange…

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28 Jan25-01-2018 Robbie Burns

Robert Burns – Old Waldorf Bar Days It may have been named after the celebrated Scotsman. Chances are, however, that it…

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