Cocktail 365 Blog

In 2018 as a New Year’s resolution I will be trying a different classic cocktail every day for a year.

This blog will be that journey, and will be a combination of cocktail recipes, photos and a drinking journal for 2018. for more information please visit the Intro post.

We hope you enjoy joining us on this cocktail crawl as much as we plan on enjoying it

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25 Feb24-02-2018 Bradford

Bradford – Old Waldorf Bar Days Not called after a celebrated Pilgrim Father, but after a town in Pennsylvania, whose name…

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23 Feb23-02-2018 Applejack Rabbit

Applejack Rabbit – David Embury 1 part Maple Syrup 1 part Lemon Juice 1 part Orange Juice 6 parts Applejack Shake…

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22 Feb22-02-2018 Santa Cruz Rum Daisy

Santa Cruz Rum Daisy – Jerry Thomas Use small bar glass Three of four dashes of gum syrup Two or three…

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22 Feb21-02-2018 Yale Fence

Yale Fence – David Embury 1 part Italian Vermouth 1 part Applejack 1 part Gin Stir. Twist of lemon over each…

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21 Feb20-02-2018 Delmonico

Delmonico – David Embury This is a plain Manhattan with Cognac substituted for whisky. 1 part Italian vermouth 2 parts Cognac…

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20 Feb19-02-2018 Bijou

Bijou – Old Waldorf Bar Days From the theatre of the same name, in Broadway, a few blocks away, though certain…

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18 Feb18-02-2018 Hawthorne

Hawthorne –  David Embury Sweet Manhattan made with equal parts Italian vermouth and Dubonnet in place of the straight Italian vermouth….

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18 Feb17-02-2018 Saratoga Brace Up

Saratoga Brace Up –  Jerry Thomas One tablespoon of fine white sugar Two dashes of bitters Four dashes of lemon or…

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16 Feb16-02-2018 Chocolate

Chocolate –  Old Waldorf Bar Days (Claret glass) One pony of yellow Chartreuse One pony of Maraschino Yolk of one Egg…

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16 Feb15-02-2018 Adonis

Adonis –  Old Waldorf Bar Days Two dashes Orange Bitters One-half Sherry One-half Italian Vermouth Stir Named in honour of a…

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