Cocktail 365 Blog

In 2018 as a New Year’s resolution I will be trying a different classic cocktail every day for a year.

This blog will be that journey, and will be a combination of cocktail recipes, photos and a drinking journal for 2018. for more information please visit the Intro post.

We hope you enjoy joining us on this cocktail crawl as much as we plan on enjoying it

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11 Mar11-03-2018 Buster Brown

A cocktail which is nothing but a plain Whisky Sour with the addition of orange bitters is the Buster Brown –…

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11 Mar10-03-2018 Xalapa Punch

Xalapa Punch – David Embury This is another simple but potent Punch (although not as powerful as Fish House) and is…

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10 Mar09-03-2018 Metropolitan

Metropolitan – David Embury Made like a Dry Manhattan but with Cognac. Add 2 or 3 dashes of sugar syrup and…

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09 Mar08-03-2018 Union Club

Union Club – David Embury 1 part Orange Curacao  2 parts Lime Juice  8 parts Rye  2 dashes each Orgeat and…

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07 Mar07-03-2018 Queen

Queen – David Embury Medium Martini 1 part French Vermouth 1 part Italian Vermouth  2 to 4 parts Gin 1 dash…

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07 Mar06-03-2018 Za-Za

Za-Za – David Embury The most common version of this drink is equal parts of gin and Dubonnet, decorated with a…

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06 Mar05-03-2018 Eagle

Eagle – David Embury 1 part Parfait Amour  2 parts Lemon Juice  8 parts Gin  1 Egg White to each 2…

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04 Mar04-03-2018 Hot English Rum Flip

Hot English Rum Flip – Recipe below from Jerry Thomas’ Bon Vivants Companion 1928 One quart  Four ounces of moist sugar….

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04 Mar03-03-2018 Fanciulli

Fanciulli – Old Waldorf Bar Days Certain unmusical memories seem to recall an Italian opera of that name, but Solon thinks…

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04 Mar02-03-2018 Double Standard Sour

Double Standard Sour – Old Waldorf Bar Days Owes its name to a controversy which during the Nineties divided two political…

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